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To Fulham yesterday, for a Park Theatre family meeting yesterday at the home of the Artistic and Creative Directors.  What a buzz to be around a table with the team.  But what a nightmare to get there. 

Though a former North London girl, I now live in Clapham and I investigated various routes to Fulham: bus, train, tube, combinations of all the above.  As each of these looked like taking forever (plus I was carrying a freshly-baked birthday cake for Melli, which I didn't fancy toting around in hail and lightning), I drove - my least favourite way to travel.

As I sat in traffic for an entire hour each way, I was reminded what an issue travel is for us Londoners.  Clapham is not a million miles from Fulham and yet there's just no easy route.  It's one of those London things.  Clapham to Finsbury Park, all the way across London, on the other hand, is a breeze: I allow half an hour door-to-door by tube, and almost always end up arriving earlier than expected. 

This is yet another special thing about our theatre.  It's literally 10 minutes from the West End (trust me, I've tried it), and once you're at Finsbury Park station, there's no walk.  You're here.  Ah, luxury.

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