by Jez Bond

It’s all kva and volts and stuff that I don’t really understand but Jez and Jordan and co. are clearly on top of things. I have witnessed everyone working hard to resolve our current EDF power issue. Although it sounds complicated in technical gobbledygook I am beginning to get a good grip of what is going on. Then suddenly, while in that head space, I am asked to go to the front door on site to let someone in and show them round. Much to my relief it’s an artistic person and we can speak the same language. Giving my tour I am surprised to see how smiley I am and realise that there is everything to be happy for despite moments of deep stress.

Today we saw a production of The Glass Menagerie which I had not seen since my university days in South Carolina. Expectations were high. There were some odd choices in the production but with a play like that you can’t help engage with the story.

Sometimes when we go to the theatre on the back of a day like yesterday I get the impression of the future, of how life can go into hyper-speed, of how one day you’re on site and the next you’re in that same spot, this time in the auditorium watching a production.

[By Melli Bond, Associate Director]

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