by Jez Bond

Stuck indoors on this glorious day, hidden behind the blinds of our window – keeping cool Spanish style – I have been proofing planning reports.

We’ve had some interesting discussions about air conditioning over the past few weeks but the conclusion seems to be that green air conditioning is somewhat of an oxymoron. Whilst there are some interesting advances the technology is either not yet tried and tested, far too expensive or not appropriate for the (smaller) scale of our site.

It’s on days like this that I am reminded of our debates – made more controversial by the fact that, despite climate change, the really unbearable days in this country are almost bearable in number.

Rest assured, we will have air conditioning in key areas and good fresh air supply throughout. And rest assured, it is an extremely efficient system that cleverly uses the temperatures already in the air (both internally and externally) and by clever recirculation negates the need for heating or cooling for 90% of the year.

Back to my Spanish window. We’re ploughing on ready for submission on 16th July – and there’s no siesta for me!

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