by Jez Bond

Sweltering in the heat as I journey what should be twenty minutes across town. It takes almost half an hour of walking just to find a cab and then it’s another half an hour driving in it – a closed bridge, fallen scaffolding in the road and an accident all in one area are not a good accompaniment to the usual London traffic in South London during Wimbledon fortnight.

Back at home the tennis plays in the background. Murray goes through and the Williams Sisters are both defeated. It must be burning hot on court but of course the players are used to playing all around the world in far harsher conditions.

Meanwhile Jordan sits in his shorts working away in the site office. Fans blowing and a portable air conditioner, left by Sense, now in great use. Aptly the work he’s doing is securing more quotes for mechanical contractors, i.e Air conditioning.

The highlight of tomorrow is a visit to Hughes Jones Farrell’s offices for a presentation on the interiors.

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