by Jez Bond

As those who have been following this blog will be aware, over the past few days I have been attending jury service and my comments have been somewhat split between the Old Bailey and The Park Theatre.

Today’s blog is no exception…

Following the incessant rain throughout last night, it was observed by our project manager, Jordan, that the water levels in our trial holes have risen substantially. I’ve often marveled at the beauty of rain on stage – but that’s always been the controlled variety, pumped around through pipe work. Eventually these holes will be filled back in with concrete and we’ll forget what lies beneath!

Meanwhile in court, the prosecution and defence gave their case summaries. As the drainage survey was completed at Clifton Terrace the judge gave his final summing up and instructions to the jury. But, just as the drainage team will have to return another day to complete an unexpected job (the mechanical removal of excessive limescale), so the judge will return tomorrow to continue our detailed instructions on the law.

At the end of the day Jordan met on site with a structural engineer with a view to appointing them to take the steelwork scheme forward. The importance of this – and frustrations with our current engineer over the past few weeks – will not be lost on followers of our journey. A 5pm meeting at their offices will follow tomorrow after which we may make a mutual decision to work together.

Of course that all does rather depend on whether I will be able to make the meeting or not and as we are to enter into deliberation just before lunch it is a question I will only be able to answer when released tomorrow. The drama continues…

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