by Jez Bond

A good couple of meetings on site today. We met first with Jill Barton, who is a governor of IAMS (Islington Arts and Media School not the cat food). They already have very good links with the Almeida (where Jill is on the board) but are very keen to explore partnership potentials with us, their most local theatre. Melli and I chatted about our plans and we discussed various ideas together. I hope to give a presentation to IAMS’ governors sometime over the summer.

Afterwards we met Sheila Duncan, a playwright friend of ours. She was telling us about what we jokingly called ‘The Duncan Trilogy’: her first play is a one-act piece which she is developing into a full length play, her second play is on its final draft and she pitched us an idea for her third – an interesting drama about a politician’s wife in very recent British history.

Heading home now. Back on site for more meetings tomorrow. Need to chase up a few people on email this evening. Lots to do. It never stops…

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