by Jez Bond

A hectic day today starting at 8am with a clear up of the house and a walk of the dogs before the engineer from TalkTalk came to tell us that there was a fault on the line and they would need to refer the problem to BT (our frustrating intermittent internet connection problem still exists after four weeks of trying to get it resolved). Then T-Dubs’ owner came to pick him up. Apparently he’s called Chet. Ummm… Our name’s better! Bye bye Dubs, we’ve had quite an adventure and you’ll be missed!

That was all pre 11am!

A meeting to get me up to date with N4 stories followed (Sarah, Melli, Nouska and me) and then I rushed off for a production meeting for ‘Company’ at the Southwark Playhouse at 2pm followed by a visit to the architects where, due to Dave looking after an ill family at home, I wound up Ben for a couple of hours – Ben Jones who thinks he’s a “super optimist”! We then headed to the Theatres Trust Christmas party on Charing Cross road and, amongst glasses of wine and a hell of a lot of cheese (!), we disappeared down to ‘Mhora’s basement’ to see some old doors and a very interesting old strand spotlight that were all salvaged from theatre refurbishments. Like some of the RSC bits, we will need to have a think about how we might be able to incorporate these into our building. They have such a great sense of history and such a lovely story so it would be great if we can make it work.

Rushed up to Mark Tinkler’s Christmas carols in Finsbury Park with the Pooles park community choir and friends afterwards. We met some lovely people and sung some Christmas tunes old and new. Sadly I could only stay about forty five minutes before I left for the Savoy to help a friend with an event.

Just got back home. Midnight. Need to eat…

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