by Jez Bond

Tuesday and just three days until submission. There have been more emails flying around between the planning consultants and architects today than ever before. The rush to make the deadline is on – all the documents need to proofed and changed and proofed again, every policy needs to addressed with an appropriate response and aside from removing the typos and sorting out stray formatting the many documents need to be consistent in their wording and references.

With all this running in the background, the marketing document from property agents Dron & Wright went missing and needed to be found. The marketing report was a letter detailing how long the property had been on the market before our purchase and what the interest had been. This letter clearly stated that throughout 18 months on the market there was little interest shown from people looking to buy or rent the building as an office and that the majority of interest was from developers looking to convert to residential. In policy terms, therefore, due to our change of use and the knock on loss of employment (i.e. the number of people we employ will be less than when the building was an office) this is good. If we were trying to convert a desirable office building into a something else it would be a much harder argument to win.

Problem solved as we found the draft of the letter and emailed Dron & Wright who kindly provided us with two copies on headed paper.

Despite these little hiccups – and, let’s face it, anything involving theatre needs these jolts to give it a proper sense of danger and adventure – things are starting to slow now. One can’t help the feeling that soon is the calm before the storm!

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