by Melli Bond

Ok not really, but after reading lots of plays about women and finding some great stuff and not being uber keen on more male stuff, I am however a fan of a new play with an all male cast. It's an American play and it's hilarious! When I was reading it I was able to cast it very easily in my mind's eye using American guys that live right here in London - ones who I know are very good. I don't want to get their hopes up or anyone's hopes up so I won't say what it's called or who the writer is or the actors I like but I wanted to share the great feeling you get when you read something that jumps off the page and it is easy. I like easy, I'm a simple girl in many ways. Now don't worry all my female buds out there - I'm still putting you first on the dance floor. And don't worry we aren't announcing our season just yet! Still a way to go before that becomes a cat. You know... as in a cat that's in a bag.. that someone let's out... that they shouldn't have let out. Although I'm not terribly keen at this cat being in a bag. I mean why on earth is a cat put into a bag in the first instance? That really isn't right. Can you tweet me some better expressions that aren't so animal-cruelty based? Anyone? And also please tweet me if you do have a great All Seeing All Dancing Live Male Show. Why not, eh?

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