by Jez Bond

This morning began with our associate director and I taking a trip to nearby Poole’s Park Primary School. The headmaster of the school, Greg Crawford, and Mark Tinkler, the artistic director of Music Platform (whose offices are based within the school), showed us around their impressive drama facilities. Like Mark, who creates exciting projects with his opera company, Greg is passionate about theatre. He is also a green enthusiast and, as we walked over their roof, talked about their vast installation of solar panels. After a walk through the garden and a look at the vegetables that the children were growing for themselves, we said hello to the hens – though they were a little too hot and preferred o remain out of sight and in the shade of their hutch. We all spoke enthusiastically about ways in which we might work together to generate culture in Finsbury Park – so watch this space…!

This afternoon we hit upon a number of structural issues – it appears that we may have conflicting info about the approach. There is some doubt know as to the best way forward – and I must point out to any pessimists reading this that none of this affects what we can build, how fast we can build it or even how much it costs. It’s simply that there are choices which have to be made by us, the architects and the project manager. Choices that keep us awake at night and keep everyone on their toes. Once again, watch this space…!

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