by Jez Bond

It all began with a good, firm handshake followed by a feeling of familiarity and safety which manifested in an impromptu hug between two men who, until two days ago had never even met. The rest of it’s a blur. Hundreds of pieces of A6 paper cover the wall; each of them holding some nugget of hilarity or tragedy which, eighteen months from now, will grace the stage of the Park Theatre.

It’s been a strange few days. We have reincarnated the devil (who it turns out does look like Monica Bellucci), we have torn heroes and heroins to shreds and reassembled them piece by piece, we have orchestrated the end of all mankind with the use of pheremonal manipulation… now all we have to do is give the mice a convincing back-story and it’s back to Barcelona for me to put the whole thing to music!

See you in the funny pages.

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