by Jez Bond

The planning application is in and the three extra documents requested are ready to send in order that the application can be validated. But just when we thought it was all over…!

Of course it’s entirely our fault or let’s say our lack of experience that has led to a last minute change regarding opening times. Having only recently spoken to a number of other theatres across London specifically about this issue, we have been strongly advised to ensure that we are not conditioned, in planning terms, to close at 11pm. The fact is that there may well be a number of occasions where we wish this to be extended, such as gala nights, press nights and perhaps a one off event. These other theatres have informed us that they would be severely restricted if they did not have this option open to them.

So back we go – I will amend the Applicant Statement and Management Statement and Phil Allard at Planning Perspectives (or ‘Mr Paperwork’ as I call him) will amend a couple of their documents. Better now than discover this further down the line – because that would mean, yes you guessed it – even more paperwork!

Of course the last words I wrote to Dave Hughes last Friday night ["I'll try not to pester you on your holiday"] are ringing in my head. Sorry Dave – and sorry Kristina – it seems there’s no escaping The Park Theatre. It has to be said that Dave’s remarkably committed and whilst we were all running around with our hands in the air here, Mr Cool managed to sort out everything from deepest darkest Devon. He’s even off to check out the local theatre there in a couple of days. A theatre he will have seen that I haven’t? Insane!

Cheers Dave, hope the rain holds off…

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