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It's exactly a week since the now-famous Park gala, and I can honestly say that we're all still smiling.  Melli and Jez have always known how to throw a mean party, but on this occasion they succeeded in masterminding an event that rivalled even their glorious wedding by the sea in sun-soaked Delaware seven years ago.

There's been no time to recover; the core team hit the ground running pretty much as soon as they blinked their bleary eyes open the day after the event.  This last week has been business as frenzied usual (building work of course, continued fundraising, playwriting, programming, grant applications and much much more) with the added flurry of thank-yous to be sent far and wide, a surge of interest from the press, financial contributions to be processed and a brand new Facebook page to launch.

All this, though, is now done with the knowledge that the education floor is funded and can go ahead.  There is a mountain of work still to come, but knowing we made such a huge step forward in one unforgettable night will keep the grins on our faces for a good while yet.

   Sarah with husband and Park trustee Danny Morrison

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