by Jez Bond

Programmes from A – Abigail’s Party – through to D – Dying Of The Light (The) – have been catalogued into the system. Over 400. One storage box filled. Looking at the remaining piles, my estimate for the total is around 1,500.

In terms of the number of programmes for different productions of the same play, first equal is currently held by Cherry Orchard (The), Comedy of Errors (The), Death Of A Salesman and Doll’s House (A) with four each.

It’s disappointing to see that there are a lot of shows for which we are missing programmes – but as the cost of these printed matters in London are extremely high (£3.00 seems to be the average now) there’s the reason! I wonder, when we get to ‘H’, how many of my 20+ Hamlets will be in there. I fear very few.

Lovely to see a programme for a revival and, beside it, the programme for the original production. Boeing Boeing is one such example.

On another note, there are a fair few celebs in Finsbury Park – or on the doorstep. As well as helping me with the mammoth task referenced above, my assistant Christina has been researching local celebrities today. She has found some great actors for us to contact. Let’s hope some of them will jump on board. No names of course – that would be rash and imprudent. Soon we’ll start to put some feelers out…

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