by Jez Bond

News update:

This morning our newsletter was had delivered to 600 local residents and businesses. This evening it has been emailed to our mailing list – which is increasing day by day. If you are reading this and you have not subscribed please send an email with your postal address to:

info[the 'at' sign]

I have encrypted the email above as recently we have been receiving a few spam mails – and even some spam comments on the blog. With my adequate knowledge of computers I understand how this is achieved – by some computer churning out emails to streams of random addresses – but I have no idea why or for what purpose we end up with a comment on ‘Designing a Theatre’ which reads ‘interesting information and just what we need’ from a pharmaceutical website in Holland (those crazy Dutch!) or ‘rihanna naked/////’ from an unidentifiable source from somewhere across the globe. Is anyone that stupid to click on to some trojan virus ridden website in order to catch a possible glimpse of celebrity breast? I suppose the answer must be yes!

Moving on, we’re getting a tour of the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre in a couple of weeks – a major refurbishment:

That’s all for now – tomorrow we’re meeting an F&B consultant…. more of this anon….

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