by Jez Bond

I love the weekends. Well, I don't have a "week end" per se (I refer to my blog of two years ago!) but I'm beginning to love other people's. You see, given that I receive in excess of a hundred emails on a weekday, Saturdays and Sundays are a much needed opportunity to catch up with the backlog. There's nothing more frustrating than when on, say, a Tuesday afternoon I deal with three important emails while twelve new ones (all equally demanding my attention) come through (I refer again to an earlier blog - the one about Sisyphus). So; bring on the weekend - it's the closest I can come to stopping the world so that I can catch up (and there's a reference to yet another blog). The reason I'm reiterating elements of things I've said before must be simple: some things never change. Now, as so many things need to happen to get the building and the company ready I feel the pressure mounting. If I didn't have to sleep I wouldn't - but that's probably not a good idea... is it?

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