by Jez Bond

We are near the end of the consultation period for our planning application and I believe there have been almost twenty letters and/or emails of support from members of the public – plus a very positive letter from The Theatres’ Trust (who are nearly always consulted concerning either alterations or new builds of theatres throughout the UK).

I am not sure at this point whether there have been any letters of disapproval or any concerns raised, but it seems not. Of course the area where this might be expected is from residents in the neighbouring dwellings, however we have taken great pains to ensure that we excel the regulations in terms of both acoustics and monitoring arrivals/exits. Furthermore the extension elements neither cause issues of overlooking nor significantly reduce the daylight/sunlight to the plot.

The application has been passed by our officer to the other officers for approval and we have now heard back from the energy and sustainability officer and the transport officer amongst others. There were a few questions raised but I am confident that we are on the right track.

Melli has been furiously in and out of meetings in Manhattan today and – due to the time difference – I am expecting to post today’s report from her on the blog late tonight.

Until then…

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