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The last few weeks since I began as Melli’s assistant have been a huge and enjoyable learning curve and an abundance of new experiences. From meeting a lot of passionate and interesting people to working those fundraising parties for that all important money for the education floor.  And,  the trials and tribulations of occasionally being on a building site. Amongst many aspects, we all look very special in those hard hats and heavy boots - building-site chic is where it’s at!

Another great thing is the opportunity to see so much new work as we research for our programming.  Last week, I went to see Islington Community Theatre’s ‘in all the minutes ever’. This was a lovely, thought-provoking piece created and acted by a group of talented young people broaching the complex subject of time, our subjective experiences of time and how our memories and selves are formed.  I can’t wait until we work with this energetic, engaging youth theatre on our education floor - notice the positive thinking! It will be there, because it really must be.

Last night I saw a piece by Kazuko Hohki on faecal incontinence (yes, you read that right) called ‘Incontinence’ at Camden Peoples Theatre. A brilliant, little show about a very unspoken but common condition. It deserves a bigger platform. Great theatre, which again, made me think.  I left the theatre having been emotionally moved and having learnt something; with a message to spread. This for me is what theatre is great for. It is so thrilling working with a new theatre that can create its own remit without constraints.  Emotive and original work is what Park Theatre is all about.

And another show tonight. ‘Shorty’, a brilliant piece of forum theatre by the National Youth Theatre tackling female-led gang violence. Talented cast and an inspiring form of discussion.

In the midst of everything, more industry tour invitations are being sent out. There are a lot.  If you’re still waiting for yours - don’t worry it’s coming!

This is a frenetic but constantly enjoyable, energetic atmosphere to work and be involved in. The people are incredible. It is infectious. It is charming. It is on its way.

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