by Melli Bond

Delaware is known as a place that is a tax free state. The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, is from Delaware. Many companies have their official home in Delaware, yeah for tax reasons. It's a small state with beautiful beaches, a big shopping mall, lots of highways, some serious suburbs that really aren't so suburban anymore, and a yearly flower market at Mother's Day in Rockford Park - to name but a few little Delaware tidbits. The most special thing about Delaware however is that it is the current home to my darling nephew Henry James. He is the now newest addition to the Park Theatre Family. I have been planning out his trips to visit London when he is older and able to come to our summer school. My plan is that he will play the title role in Oliver! Coming from a father who is a talented musician he will certainly have an advantage. He is the object of our attention and affection. Each moment we talk about worldly things HJ is the main reason for that discussion. What will the future hold? What is the political state of the nation? How much does it cost at baby Gap for a pair of jeans? ( $30 roughly but hey they are TOTALLY worth it when he is that cute!) The newest love in my life is a beautiful boy and I couldn't be more proud, protective or pleased with the little boy that has brought even more excitement to my life. Who knew that was even possible? I think he does. As HJ likes to say " Sally hold my calls, I've got a meeting."  He truly is a small wonder.

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