by Jez Bond

The day began with an edit of the previous two day’s site footage. But before I could get it finished I hurried off to site for a meeting with Martin, our fundraiser. We are making headway with things but it’s a laborious process, and actually importantly so when you only really have one shot at the approach to funders. A contractors’ site meeting had then been cancelled so I continued to work from the site office – pausing just for ten minutes when I nipped over to the trusty bagel shop on Seven Sisters Road.

The architects then paid us (the royal we, Jordan was actually off on a first aid course) a surprise visit in the afternoon. Ben and Dave, fresh from a successful meeting at Islington Council to discuss the amended facade, donned their hard hats and surveyed the site taking measurements and investigating areas that had been newly exposed through recent demolition. I believe everything was in order.

I then shot off to the Cockpit theatre – where I hadn’t been for ten years or so. They are still owned by Westminster College but, as of a few months ago, the college no longer operate out of there (Westinster College’s new campus includes a brand new theatre which I was taken to see by Charles Haines some months back as he installed a similar tension wire grid system there as he’s specced for us). The Cockpit as a result are now a receiving / producing house exclusively and are keen to put themselves on the map as a ‘proper’ fringe venue.

I had a good chat with Dave who runs the theatre, but my official meeting was with the freelance producer and Menier Chocolate Factory co-founder Danielle Tarento (whose show Noel and Gertie opens there shortly). I know I often end with a ‘more on that to come’ dot dot dot but…

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