by Melli Bond

This week we have 2 fantastic shows on and I recently did a podcast with the Reduced Shakespeare Company. I was incredibly proud to talk about our ethos as a company and how far we've come from getting this building to now being a living breathing theatre. I've been blessed with the opportunity of having an intern this week as part of a joint internship with the RSC and our very delightful intern Cheyenne has already proven to be a super help to me.  She lovingly makes sure I eat - which believe me sounds crazy but I do actually have to be told to eat food! It's that crazy my schedule! I have the job of many people - which is why we ask so many of you to dig deep and help us out. We look big but we are small - we have a tiny team all working their amazing backsides off and it takes a lot of strength and energy to work flat out day in and day out. I don't mean this as a moan but more of an expression of the dedication we all have to working hard. We are by no means perfect and as is the human condition we never will be - but we are trying hard. In addition to all my usual activities I am also choreographer for Sleeping Beauty - which is a thrill to work on. I also recently did a little choreography for the Reduced Shakespeare Company's auditions for their BIBLE tour - that was a HOOT! I love those days when I'm on my feet and it's part of the wonderful world of being Creative Director. From programming seasons, meeting with producers, seeing shows and readings, working on developing new learning programs, trying out new nights like Crying Duck Comedy, developing our Finsbury Flea - my list is endless but I am passionate about all of it. I am excited about our pre-Christmas Grotto which features Hazel and we are even having a mini dance party with our two visiting companies and Park theatre staff. I think it is going to be hilarious!

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