by Melli Bond

"Looks like we're gonna have another big crowd" Grandma would say. My grandma used to have a really big picnic every year in September. We have a crazy number of family members born in September and so we would all gather under the big tree for a wonderful feast. She made the most amazing variety of food and it was delicious. Fried chicken was always a favourite as well as the deviled eggs and ambrosia salad! Yes real American cooking all way! We played games under the tree to win prizes- and everyone loved the numbers game. You pick a number out of the hat and if it's the same one that Grandma has in her hand you win! Easy as pie. Oh yeah the pie was really yummy too. All the kids would feed apples to horses and we loved pulling each other around on the wagon! I really enjoyed those big family picnics. You could spend all day with just a few of the family members or minute to minute with someone different. I have always loved these big parties and as such I bring this big family spirit to our Park Family. We can have the most fun together, compete with each other, spend lots of time together and at the end of the day there is the big Happy Birthday song to sing. I can't wait for Park to have it's birthday. I know lots of the extended Park Family are eager for this day too! Grandma get ready for a big crowd of people. Happy BIrthday Mom and JIm - and all Sept. B-days!

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