by Jez Bond

Just two weeks ago I was preparing to write a blog on workaholism. I had calculated that over the past few months I have been averaging 75 hour weeks.

Suddenly since the first of the month it seems that all the leaves have fallen from the trees, a chill has hit the air and darkness has descended.

I now find myself in a very different place. It’s far easier to lie in for an extra hour than it is to jump right into the shower in the morning. It’s far easier to watch a film at 9pm than it is to carry on working. Positivity doesn’t come naturally in this state and I am at constant battle with the demons of lethargy and irritability.

Nevertheless a twelve hour day today:

Fantastic to meet Jack Morris and Dominic Jones of the Business Design Centre. We discussed mutual plans – they are developing the City North site and are very supportive of how we will add to the regeneration of the area.

I then popped by – a fleeting visit – to Finsbury Park to see how Melli and Sarah were getting on hotseating a group of actors for N4 Stories. Very exciting!

Afterwards it was down to Waterloo where Roger Hennigan, who has recently left White Light to take up the position of technical manager at the Southbank Centre, showed Dave, Ben and me round the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Roger and I then went for lunch – and discussed the lighting rigs and ideas about monitoring the ampage/wattage from the dimmers.

I then met with David Apple at DSA to whom I must apologise for, I fear, being rather monosyllabic. I also talked with his colleague Simon about drainage; let’s face it, as the name suggests its not the most inspiring topic of conversation! That’s my excuse. But if you’re reading this you know the real reason. And I honestly don’t think there’s anything anybody can do. Don’t hug me, kiss me, slap me, buy me a drink or say ‘smile’ – just BRING ME SUNSHINE!!!!!

Off to see Paul Lavers’s one man show about David Niven at the Rosemary Branch theatre now…

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