by Jez Bond

Today was the last in the current rounds of tours – and it ended with a round… of applause. A response to the discussion of our Open Book policy*, the enthusiastic clapping from the twenty or so theatre companies, directors and producers sitting together in the site office was a  lovely finish to the last two weeks. We urged everyone to keep in touch and to spread the word. Spread across eight sessions we had met with around 120 people. I have a feeling that we’re going to be needing to see even more than 7 shows a week soon, so perhaps we’ll need to start splitting up for the tasks.

*Rather large footnote now: An Open Book policy describes the situation in which a theatre company that is not paying its actors minimum equity or equity minimum wage maintains open records of its budgets and its accounts. Actors (and other creatives and production team) who have been promised a ‘profit share’ can see exactly where the money is being spent, who’s getting what and what the profits are. Sadly there have been many instances of ‘profit share’ productions that have blatantly resulted in a ‘profit’ which has certainly not been ‘shared’ as promised.

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