by Jez Bond

A great meeting this morning with Jane and Oliver from RichMix who, after touring our site, proceeded to impart a great deal of knowledge regarding everything from toilet handles and cleaning contracts to digital film projectors and artistic programming – just the sort of conversations we love! I am looking forward to touring their 50,000+ sq ft building at the beginning of May – and to asking even more questions and, importantly, discussing potential ways in which to link – something that given our current state and the priority of upcoming building works we completely omitted in today’s talks.

More LCD screen dialogue later as well as a chat with the architects about the potential knock-on effect of rehousing the racks for the sound equipment.

No news still from our remaining contractor who was tendering for the substation supply and install. Bizarre. Do they not want the job? In two minds as to whether to call (again) or just strike them off the list. The voice of the budget in my head is saying try them, they may come in cheaper – by God that would be a great help! But the other voice is saying forget them, if they haven’t responded now what will they be like to work with! The third voice is saying, take some pills, what the hell are those other voices in your head!

Off to the Arcola now to see a play by a company who have expressed an interest in us. As I’ve previously said I am desperately busy trying to see as much new work as possible. An added benefit tonight is that I will get to see the Arcola’s new building.

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