Review: Bullet Tongue at Big House

by Milo Porter

I was invited by Park Theatre to The Big House to experience ‘Bullet Tongue Reloaded’. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I’m always up for new opportunities, and this turned out to be a good one. It was amazing; but also pretty shocking. It explored drug taking, county lines, and how this effected young people.

A small group of us went along. I arrived that evening and entered the building; it wasn’t like a usual theatre – we were in all different places and kept moving throughout the space, going from room to room, each one offering a new interesting side to the story. Each character was portrayed perfectly, and added a different twist.

The main characters were a gang of youths, aging from about 14 to 18 years old; they were under the control of an older gang, led by a manipulative leader; he was an extremely sinister presence throughout the performance. His actions were shocking. 

As the play developed it dives deeper into the young gang members family lives, and it reveals more about those involved.

I found it brilliant. It left me feeling on the edge of my seat (if I’d had one!). The setting is great, and moving around the house means that you interact differently with the story and the actors. It was a unique experience, and it helped me think about issues for young people and drugs.

I would recommend looking out for the Big House and taking the opportunity to visit.  

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