by Jez Bond

Must we always be remain open to everything around us, to possibilities, to the potential of an open door? It's true that it you close yourself off from the world, if you don't send out the right messages into the world, then the things you want to happen aren't just going to come to you. So should I feel guilty for switching off on the tube? For five minutes of Angry Birds, for zoning out for a few moments? Should I be sitting riding the Victoria line sending out Park Theatre's fundraising needs to the carriage of strangers? You know I probably should, but I just don't have the energy to do so every day. That's why I'm determined that over the next few weeks we build the number of Ambassadors, we build the number of people on the board and we generally beef up the power of the team. Having Annabel with us is already a great benefit. We need to continue building in more senses than one - we're going to need to work together and tremendously hard in order to achieve our goals.

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