by Jez Bond

This morning brought an email confirming our charity status. I am delighted to announce that we are now a registered charity, number 1137223. It’s another step closer to the realisation of our dreams…

I have been furiously emailing and calling councillors for most of the day, attempting to arrange face to face meetings with them ahead of our planning committee meeting. Whilst those councillors who sit on the planning committee must remain impartial, I am keen to share my ideas and passion for the project in person.

The room data sheets need to be finished – and this is quite a task but. Perhaps I will have time tomorrow…

I called up the structural engineers as we are awaiting a new scheme for the front of the building, but have not heard back from them yet. It’s frustrating to be waiting on one thing before anything can progress.

Interesting discussion with a seating and staging company in the afternoon, where we compared the relative benefits of steel versus aluminium decking. So many options, so many choices, this one doesn’t have to be made for a while but it’s fun.

I saw a show called ‘Pyrenees’ a few years ago with a cast of actors I had never met and as I sat in the audience something about one of the actors grabbed me. I can’t explain what it was exactly but it was as if I knew him. Now, a few years on, we have serendipitously met through The Park Theatre facebook site. I mentioned him in a blog a few days ago – when I showed him round the site. Today we met again and we had a drink together chatting further about our ideas. It all started with ‘Pyrenees’ and that seems a rather apt title for today’s blog – we’ve nudged closer but ahead of us there’s still quite a mountain to climb!

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