by Jez Bond

It’s always such an exciting day. The cast and director have rehearsed for weeks, the director and producer have worked for months with the entire creative team and through the previews the show has been refined again and again. The constant striving for perfection won’t end here but tonight is the night when the show is officially ready for judgement, when critics put pen to paper…

Never has a show changed so much than this production of Company. The difference from the dress rehearsal to the last preview is immense. Certain sections are unrecognisable and the central performance has found a higher level.

So much energy and passion has gone into this show. It has been a joy to be a part of it, to come in throughout the rehearsal period and previews and whisper in the director’s ear. It has been extremely rewarding to then witness these changes on stage over the past few nights.

Tonight they shone – truly delivering performances and energy levels far exceeding previous nights. The result was a strong, uplifting and at the same time thought provoking show. Well done team. Now keep growing…!

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