by Jez Bond

The business plan has been through a major rewrite in the last ten days – and I am just finishing it off. Sections have been moved, deleted, reworded, added… all in all it’s a lot more thorough and gives a very clear idea of our markets, targets and strategies. In summary it made me feel even more positive about the project. There are now additional reasons and further supporting evidence as to why this is truly going to be an amazing project.

A nice way to enter the weekend, though of course I’m continuing my 6.5 day weeks so there’s still no rest for this madman.

Hoping to get the new website up and running early next month – can’t wait to announce that.

Plus it’s time to paint the hoarding. I’ll pick a day, announce it on Twitter, Facebook and by email to see if anyone wants to lend a hand…then pray for sunshine!

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