Pigeon Holes

by Jez Bond

In the midst of programming decisions we start to question every choice:

- Is everything you've worked so hard to achieve judged purely on the basis of the first show.

- What does the choice of this show say about you? (The first show can only be one genre - yet we have a broad artistic policy)

- Or, are people less quick to judge than we might imagine?

- Do we simply need to consider a season of work as a whole?

- Does any of this matter anyway? Should you simply present work that you believe in without second guessing 'popular' opinion.

With our artistic policy it's a constant struggle to stave off the pigeon holers! We've always said "good plays done well". The director Neil Bartlett (formerly the Artistic Director of the Lyric Hammersmith) knew exactly what I meant as we shared a coffee recently. He told me he's said much the same for years -  "there's nothing wrong" he said "with saying 'I do plays I like with people I like' "

So let's fly out of the pigeon holes, take off into the creative landscape... and see what happens...

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good luck with the first show what ever it may be - I'll look out for the pigeon post :)

By Sue Eves | Tue 06 Nov 2012

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