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Park Parties are a particularly good breed of party. Not only can we style it out on a roofless, windowless building site in the depths of Winter in our building-site chic attire (short skirts, woolly tops and steel-toe capped boots); we also have an amazing amount of energy for them allowing us to keep going even after a long day.  A lot of this comes from the adrenaline of just talking to people about Park Theatre, and our genuine passion of being involved.

Parties are essential to our fundraising but also to our bonding as a family and a way of getting to know our supporters. We are planning a lot of parties once we open, something that Melli and I are constantly daydreaming and thinking about.

A slightly different party is coming up, so sophisticated and extravagant that it is in fact called a Gala, and Ian McKellen is inviting you! This is a night not to be missed -  a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For more information follow this link:

Or contact: [email protected] or call 020 7731 1263.

And, do please spread the word...I can assure you, we know how to throw the best party.

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