by Jez Bond

A day of catchup. Tens of business cards from the last few weeks, piles of papers from the past conference days, an assortment of unfiled documents on the desktop. Today everything was catalogued and tidied. I can’t stand clutter but very ocassionally things appear faster than you can deal with them.

Why did one contractor send me a quote in the post – costing him a stamp, an envelope, the paper and the printing plus a trip to the post box? Infuriating as all I wanted was an e-copy for my computer files and I explicitly asked for this! Aside from the waste to him, emailing me would have been far quicker for me to receive and I wouldn’t be left with two pieces of paper that I will now need to recycle.

I’ve always thought The Park Theatre should employ a paperless policy (as much as possible) and this only confirms things further.

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