by Jez Bond

Its blackened crispy marshmallowy texture makes me want to bite into it. Not destroyed but altered. Changed and given a new name and a new life; maybe a hundred times larger than its former self. Once it was a simple toy, now it has grown up –  it has become art.

This was one of the many pieces at the exhibition of designer and photographer duo ‘Two Shoes’ which launched tonight in Soho – the designer being Simon Williams of Feast Creative.

Rewind to this morning….and I started my day as I often do, focusing on breathing in and out in a room of other people who also seek to change – transform their squishy bodies to toned forms through beloved practise of yoga. It is an art we seek.

I work all day on what will lead to a home of living art, of our greatest achievement.

So art to begin the day, art in the middle and art at the end. And if you want to make sense of the title you better go catch the exhibition at The Reading Room, 65-66 Frith Street, Soho. Or at least, check it out here.

[By Melli Bond, Creative Director]

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