by Jez Bond

Following a meeting with the structural engineer in the early afternoon, we were told that the loading requirements for an education space use were far more stringent than for residential apartments. As such, unless we want a restriction on numbers we may have to install more steel. Slightly odd of course as one can only physically fit less than a hundred on that floor - and two flats could easily host a party for fifty people on the same Saturday night. So what does this actually mean? At what stage does the integrity of the building get compromised - and it... well...fall down?

The good news is that following a party hosted by our fantastic Ambassador, Tamzin Outhwaite, we now know it can take at least seventy five people! 

There were such a lot of great people who attended the drinks and tour - and they all enthused about what we were doing. For the first time we had to conduct three separate tours, such were the numbers. I led the first, Dave the second and Melli the third. Guests from Alison Steadman to Louie Spence and Nicole Appleton were all excited by the project and taken aback by the scale of what we were doing. By 8.45pm the final guests had left and, with the building still standing, Melli and I left to join Tamzin and ten of her guests at Season Kitchen while the rest of the team stayed behind to clean up. Amazing as ever - thanks team! 


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