by Melli Bond

Today's launch has stirred the team into a frenzy chills and excitement. After 3 and 1/2 years of hard work we are finally at the day we can announce our opening season. Yay!

We are so proud too - we've been working really hard to make this happen. You will see our personality coming through in our choices of productions. It's all about passion, issues, intimacy, love  and a bunch of good old fashioned laughter to round it off. We've always said we want to make you laugh and make you cry - and hopefully you will all do that - this season and beyond.

We are grateful for the support from our trustees, ambassadors, donors and friends.

We hope you feel the love and get yourselves ready for opening night. If you haven't become a friend already please do - it will be the quickest way to book your tickets.


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