by Jez Bond

Kate Jones, of John Jones the framers, and I discussed meeting up next week to explain to each other our plans. It feels like we’ve hit gold in terms of the timing of the project. John Jones are developing their space with a new extended gallery and student housing which will be home to a host of young people attending the University of the Arts London – a huge organisation which includes colleges such as Central Saint Martins, who turn out great set designers every year. There must be some exciting ways in which we can work together! On top of this, the so-called ‘Twin Towers of Finsbury Park’ will be providing new apartments overlooking a courtyard with grass verges, cafes and shops on the City North site just one block away. Furthermore the whole region has been singled out by Islington Council as an area of significant regeneration from 2011 onwards.

I used to work in FP back in 2000 – when I was associate director of Y Touring Theatre Company, then in Lennox Road. I can see how things have moved on a lot since then – but then, let’s face it, one small Tesco isn’t really going to change the world. However, The Park Theatre, John Jones and others together can!

On another note, following our previous site meetings, we met with our structural engineer this morning. It turns out that there are a number of options that we need to plan out and cost in order to determine the most economical way of achieving our various extensions and alterations. Jordan, our project manager, is going to speak to some steel companies so that we can establish on which path – the less rocky please – we wish to travel. More of this to come!

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