by Jez Bond

Despite having discussed substations for a matter of weeks over countless emails and phone calls with numerous companies and, in person with EDF Energy / UKPN, today when we met with a potential installer on site, some different options emerged. Sadly not options for eliminating the need for the High Voltage supply with associated transformer and switch gear – but different options for how and where some of these elements can be housed.

I’m not talking different as in “you could go for the mauve or do that in lime green, Sir”. No, I’m talking different as in major factors that could have an enormous knock-on effect with the structure, the cost, the movement and/or loss of rooms, the mechanical and electrical design, the general builders works, the insurance, the running costs…. etc.

Nice to have options but not when you’ve spent several exhausting months on detailed drawings having been told there were no alternatives.

Huge sigh.

Right… well let’s consider them!

[8.36pm and no sign of the end.......]

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