by Jez Bond

As Associate Director of The Park Theatre my job is varied. One of my big projects of the moment is N4 Stories. We have been on the street, in shops, in a church, in homes and now we are preparing to get our team of actors involved. Thankfully I have Nouska to help with our detailed database. Our first briefing session with a group of actors is coming up on Tuesday. We have been working hard all week in preparation for the event.

There has been a tremendous response to our search for actors to come out for this project. With the weekend ahead we are still getting in responses. With such busy lives, Sarah and I have been scraping moments here and there to have a quick catch up  on the phone – whether it be mid- dinner party or during a walk home we make it happen! I can’t wait for Tuesday. The magic. This is the pre-magic and the elves are called Sarah, Nouska and Melli. I wonder if that makes Jez the wizard?

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