by Jez Bond

‘Giving the tour’ involves starting with the plans in the site office upstairs and then doing a walk through the building – on your right the box office, straight ahead the outside wall of the theatre, above you the glazing to the atrium and please mind the swimming pool to your left (the astute among you should be able to deduce to what that refers). If I had a penny for every time I did this… I’d have about thirty pence. Today I showed round a number of actors, a set designer and other interested colleagues. For me it’s always exciting and I don’t think it will ever stop being so – though of course there’s one part of my brain that starts to hear itself on auto-play. Thank goodness for the design tweaks of the past few weeks – otherwise I could just have the whole spiel on a loop. I love showing people round for the first time – it’s always fascinating to get the feel of people, to see what they think and, creatively, to share ideas about the transformation of the space.

At 4pm we headed to our architects, Hughes Jones Farrell, in order to debrief after the international theatre conference we had all been at earlier in the week. We discussed a number of issues which were raised and a number of new ideas which we might like to incorporate. The plans have been issued to the design team so that we can advance towards our planning deadline in a few weeks. Meanwhile, however, we continue to tweak the little things like the exact spec of seat, the position of lighting/sound control and the all important building facade.

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