by Jez Bond

Our associate director, Melli, and one of our trustees, Frances, attended an advice session on Fundraising this evening – followed by a Creative Islington networking event. They came away buzzing with ideas and inspiration so I look forward to a full debrief.

Frances chatted to the licensing officer who we had met with some time ago and reminded me that the licensing application should be done soon – we should strike while the iron is hot. Sadly despite it being high on my rather large ‘to do’ list, the recent onslaught of issues has taken precedent – but I am committed to doing it within the next two weeks.

On that note, Councillor Paul Convery got back to us earlier and is helping to facilitate a meeting between us and the parties relevant to the current street works. We are grateful for that and look forward to hearing back from him soon with some news.

As for gas versus electric heating, it’s still up in the air – though the thought of dealing with one less utility company (British Gas) if we went electric for the residential is a pure joy!

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