by Melli Bond

Having just come back from NY I'm faced with the most amazing London weather, which I seemed to have brought back with me from New York. I stayed in the Lower East Side at my lovely friends place and I loved it. The great thing about New York is the neighbourhood feeling. So many neighbourhoods really have a sense of pride in their area. I feel like this is exactly what we are getting in Finsbury Park and can't wait for our doors to open. Having people of the neighborhood pop in for a morning coffee, a last drink and a chat at the bar in the evening, seeing those familiar faces everyday - it's a really nice feeling. I managed to chat with someone about their local cafe and it was really great to hear how it works for them. The principles are all the same - we are after a Global Local feel. That is so important in an area that represents a wide range of people from all over the world. And that's our neighbourhood - from NY to London to Tokyo to Istanbul we have lots of wonderful people that can say hello to their neighbours in our cafe, bar and theatre and share in something special.

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