by Melli Bond

We are getting there - not yet but soon. Steels, glass, materials all arriving into the building - that is opening, not yet but soon. We have proposals flying in - I'd love to meet with you all - not yet, but soon. A proper office to work out of - not yet but soon! Another tour for industry professionals - not yet, but soon. No one really likes to wait, but sometimes it is the waiting that makes the enjoyment just so delightfully good. The anticipation of waiting for it all - you almost break out into a sweat!  I said to Amy "I feel awful having to say to everyone yes I want to meet with you but not just yet!"  Because I'm excited to do that too - but alas there is still far too much to do. We have Fundraising Gala tomorrow evening.. just one of many things that is not yet, but at last very soon! I can't wait to put my red Park dress on. 

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