by Melli Bond

We (myself, Jez, Amy, Nouska and Sarah) went to see Park Theatre's very own Ambassador Hattie Morahan as Nora in A Doll's House at the Young Vic.  Hattie gave a beautiful performance as Nora and we all agreed that Nora is not only a wonderful character to play but she has such a satisfying story too. 

I feel a little bit like Nora trying to save something I love and needing to ask for money. We have £150,000 left to raise in order to save our Education floor from becoming half of a floor. If we don't raise this money it will have to be turned into a flat and sold. It's simple math. So I'm putting it out here to all of you - please can I have some money Torvald?

We need your help and consideration immediately. You can text donate by texting the number 70070 and in the message write Park75£3 - and you can donate £3.  Please pick up your mobile and text us now. As a friend of mine said to me once - after I asked  "why don't you just call me" - they replied - "but texting is fun". So look I'm even offering you a couple seconds of fun! 

You know, the freedom that Nora is aiming for is what a creative educational space can provide - that's why this space is just so precious to us. It can be a refuge for so many people. A place for all people to express themselves in (which I think is the foundation of feminism anyway -for me it is about basic human expression). Our space is for all people. So if you like the sense of going to learn about yourself, respect yourself and find freedom in expression please find £3 to to help us give this concept a home.

The folks in this photo all donated £3 yesterday - and see how much fun they had! 

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