by Jez Bond

Filing, emailing, typing up contacts, a day of lots done but nothing hugely exciting to show for it – well actually nothing even remotely exciting to show for it. There are plenty of days like this – but then also plenty others with glorious results to parade.

Good news that the Arts Council have finally acknowledged our existence. Last time we wrote to them we received a rather cold response: “we are not interested into entering into discussions with you at this time”. The new administration seems to be more receptive, despite the current crisis. I did make it clear that we were keen to talk to them about our plans as a first contact – rather than pleading for a grant.

Just on the way home from hosting my second Transmission workshop ( today. I followed up my earlier Shakespeare work with a session devoted to staging a section of Acts 3 and 4 of Hamlet. The group was smaller than usual but it gave us a good opportunity to work on the piece in some detail.

Tomorrow may the programme archiving be complete! A glory day perhaps?

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