by Jez Bond

Today we had a look around the Arcola’s new venue. I was familiar with it having seen a show in Studio 2 a few weeks ago (at which time I popped my head in to the Studio 1). We have done nearly thirty theatre visits now and it was great to get another ‘access all areas’ tour. I loved Studio 1; the height, the circle and stalls (though this will change for the next show), the thrust stage, the intimacy. No surprise really that those are the very attributes of our main house.

On to the offices of Feast Creative next for our much anticipated branding meeting with Simon, Dan and co. I love their offices – head room and heat aside, there’s a real creativity and charm about it, a sense of people buzzing with ideas that’s not just brought about by an array of macs and casual clothes.

Talking about colour, font, logo, what makes you feel a certain way. Its the very un-science of it that makes it so interesting. Yet through the very subjective nature of it (that’s funky to you!? – hold on what does funky mean to you?) it’s fascinating to see a common ground emerge.

Soon we’ll be presented with a load of ideas from which we can start to narrow down and pinpoint exactly the direction we’d like to go in. Feeling like a child waiting for Christmas morning. Only this time I can’t peek under the bed in advance.

Back home and our meetings continued as we spent a couple of hours preparing a timeline of things to do pre-opening. So much to do and, once more, time for bed.

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