by Jez Bond

Day 3 -

Chocolate S’more cookies…

I’m awake at 6am. Could I really have so much work ahead of me? Yes I actually do. After solid head in the computer time I think I should open the blinds.

My gorgeous friend Ellie and I decide what better way to spend a morning than having breakfast at Tiffany’s. So we bundle beautiful Lukas and take a cab to Wall Street. It’s closer for us than the 5th Avenue store. Since all my rushing around we’ve barely had time to have fun!

Post retail heaven what better than to stroll down Wall Street. Proud buildings and George Washington stand tall. A quiet moment of reflection takes over as we look to ground zero. With respect and loving memory Ellie tells me how she came to give blood. People were lined up around the block. I wasn’t here at the time but I remember it well. We walk on thinking, remembering and moving forward.

Our next stop is – now don’t think I’m cheating on you, Hughes Jones Farrell – an firm of architects called Sladearch. Ellie’s old friend meets us and we see their beautiful new office. Lovely soft white light shines in through stunning arch windows. They’ve also recently designed a theatre and show me the plans! I do feel at home there – even if there are no little people for me to glue in to a model box!

After a tasty lunch and quick nip home I head to meet Caitlin, friend of my good friends Annabel and Lizzie. She’s bubbly, fun and feels like a friend already. It is so great to meet her and we are very excited to see Annabel’s show on the West End – coming soon! We chat about our projects and indulge in the yumminess of Gregory’s coffee and insane cookies! We agreed you do not get this kind of cookie in London!

After all the meetings and trekking about I realise it has been a different cookie here – hot sticky, delicious, messy but truly satisfying. So I guess you are wondering, am I at home? Who says you can’t have more than one home? It’s my new BFF, a second home, and now I’m heading south on a train to my first home. My heart moves on in this journey and I’ll bring it all back to The Park with me…

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