by Jez Bond

The Chelsea Market is a cool welcome change from the steam outside. As I pondered the many choices a strange feeling crept over me – oh no that was an increasing level of volume on the buskers slightly eerie version of Eleanor Rigby. I can’t put a finger on why I got chills down my spine. Hmm. Where do they all come from? I was advised to eat my lunch here so I finally move away from the creeping-me-out-music and choose sushi. One of my favorite lunch treats, this Lobster company’s tempura prawn roll was nothing short of happiness in a bite. Ah. Still and calm but wait for the drama to unfold.

“Raphael is stuck in the elevator”. Oh no! I did wonder why every time I pressed the lift button it just refused to respond. I already settled into changing my middle name to Patience and figured this was a typical New York lift. But it wasn’t me who needed to change my middle name – Raphael had to wait a long while for the sorting out process and I was so impressed to meet him all smiles and really very cool. Indeed Soho Rep’s Literary and Humanities Manager and I had a fantastic meeting and he very kindly showed me around the theatre with its earthy, rustic and sheen new set for their next show ‘Orange, Hat & Grace’ by Gregory S. Moss. The upcoming season sounds very exciting and I leave our meeting feeling like good sushi. Happy.

Who can pass a ‘Fine Vintage Shop’ without needing to take a cheeky peek inside? Who can resist the possibility of a cream/gold Stella McCartney number joining your wardrobe? Or a Christian Louboutin fitting your foot? The drama of fashion is close to my heart. But it isn’t only fluff that I’m looking for, it’s the beauty. With my visual feast devoured I head over to meet with Artistic Director and Founder of The Playwright’s Realm. Sharing the same views on women’s roles in plays we could practically finish each other’s sentences. It is so revealing to me that Katherine in New York is thinking the same thoughts I am in London. The world is not a small place; it is a whisper.

Early days though it is for me as Associate Director, I can feel the start of something really special. Not joking – all of my meetings here have been really great. The people are warm and welcoming.

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