by Jez Bond

Day One continued -

Heading over to the Gersh agency I do feel quite proud of myself on the navigation skills. Thanks to years of learning my way around twisty London, the New York grid is a bit of a breeze – well not really, it’s still boiling! I’m able to take in some of the really lovely fountains and places where people sit and blog, eat, chat and generally take the load off Sally. So after my own moment of laptop zen I head into Gersh.

This sparkling group was well worth the meet and again I feel a warm welcome.

I round out the day by meeting with writer Erin Brown who helped me out with many suggestions when it came to selecting companies to meet. I have to say the flour-less cake at Schiller’s was really yummy. Yes Erin, New York food really is quite special! With one day down and so much to think about I wonder if it’s jet lag getting me up at 4am or the buzzing excitement of the next day.

Day 2 -

I haven’t lost that feeling of calm. Lovely Abrams morning. In order to find out what plays will be best for me to read we must dare explore the heart of The Park and my hunt for Americana. My journey continues with Atlantic Theatre Company and we had a real laugh – will be great to keep in touch and my favourite quote from our meet is “bed bugs will get them in the end”.

You know there are so many similarities with London and New York and I pose myself the question “Am I home?”

[Excuse the split days, it's the time difference. Tomorrow night I shall post the remainder of day 2]

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