by Jez Bond

Exciting times. New website days away. Development pack the same. A private launch to our board on Monday evening and then the public unveiling to follow shortly after.

I’ve just learned to scan on the new printer. Forgot it could do that. Took a while to figure it out but now extremely helpful – no longer the need to rush over to Dave’s and ask for a favour! The frustrating thing was that it ran out of ink earlier – both black and colour – so I had to rush down to PC world (I made it just before they closed at 8pm). The printer cost around £90. The replacement ink cartridges cost £43! Hmmm… I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked!

Then again, it’s common. This morning I was editing footage from a conference for a ‘well known retailer’ (who have one of the largest electrical departments) and the keynote speaker was making it clear that seven years is far too long to wait to buy a new television. They needed new TVs to last a lot less than this.


A few months ago, two days after the warranty ran out my Mac, the disc drive broke.

We all know it is so!

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